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  • Tea Packaging
    During tea packaging process, we recommend using opaque or light-blocking packaging materials to effectively prevent direct sunlight from reaching the tea leaves. This helps to avoid the decomposition of photosensitive substances in the tea leaves, preserving their color and flavor. Our packaging ma Read More
  • Candy Packaging
    Candy comes in various shapes and sizes, and so does candy packaging. Both pre-packaged and unpackaged candies need to be packed in attractive and cost-effective bags for display on store shelves.The wide variety of candy types means that manufacturers require versatile packaging machines.As a profe Read More
  • Pet Food Packaging
    Pet owners are becoming increasingly selective about the food they give to their beloved pets, leading to a growing demand for high-quality pet food and snacks. As a result, factors such as product integrity, user-friendliness, and appealing packaging have become crucial in determining which pet foo Read More
  • Quad Seal Bag Packaging
    Quad seal bag packaging: Quad seal bags are a commonly used and versatile packaging format, often seen in coffee, pet food, snacks, and candy industries. These bags are designed to stand alone and provide a crisp, modular look. With four panels for branding and information, they are highly regarded Read More
  • Coffee Packaging Machine
    Coffee Packaging: Your coffee packaging plays a crucial role as your brand ambassador, conveying your company values and preserving the freshness of your coffee. It serves as a vital component of your marketing strategy, ensuring that your product reaches your loyal consumers in optimal condition. T Read More
  • Spout Bag Packaging
    Spout bag packaging, also known as spouted pouches or stand-up pouches with spouts, is a type of flexible packaging that combines the convenience of a flexible pouch with the functionality of a spout. It replace bottle packaging for granules, liquids, powders, such as beans, beverage, spice powder, Read More
  • Gusseted Bag Packaging
    Gusseted bag packaging:Gusseted bags are also known as box pouches or quad seal bags, commonly used in various industries for packaging purposes, such as in the food industry for storing and displaying snacks, candies, coffee, tea, pet food, and more. They are also used in the pharmaceutical industr Read More
  • Doypack Packaging
    Doypack packaging, also known as stand-up pouch packaging, is a type of flexible packaging that offers several advantages for product packaging and storage. It is widely used in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and other industries.Doypack advantage:· Stand-up design: Doypack packagi Read More
  • 3-Side Sealed Bag Packaging
    3-side sealed bag packaging: This is a simple form of pre-made bag packaging where the material is filled into the bag, and one edge is sealed using heat. The sealing can have various shapes, including linear, straight-line, or cross-line, providing a good packaging effect. This type of packaging is Read More
  • Pillow Bag Packaging
    Pillow bag packaging: Pillow bag packaging is a cost-effective option compared to other types of packaging. Pillow bags are easy to use and offer convenient features such as tear notches. Tear notches make it effortless for consumers to open the package,Pillow bags are typically made from various ma Read More

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