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Coffee Packaging Machine

Coffee Packaging: Your coffee packaging plays a crucial role as your brand ambassador, conveying your company values and preserving the freshness of your coffee. It serves as a vital component of your marketing strategy, ensuring that your product reaches your loyal consumers in optimal condition. Therefore, it's essential not to overlook its significance.

Types of Coffee Packaging Bags

When perusing the coffee section of a store, you'll likely come across five main types of coffee packaging bags:

a. Quad Seal Bag: Another popular choice, the quad seal bag features crisp side seals and can stand upright independently. Its modular appearance captures attention, and it has excellent structural integrity, making it suitable for heavier coffee fills. Keep in mind that quad seal bags are typically more expensive than other bag styles.

b. Pillow Bag: The pillow bag is a cost-effective and straightforward option, often used for fractional or single-serve coffee packaging. It lies flat when displayed and is the most affordable type to produce.

c. Doypack or Stand-Up Pouch: Distinguished by its flat top and rounded, oval-shaped bottom, the Doypack stands out from more conventional coffee packaging types. It gives consumers the impression of a premium, small-batch product and often includes zippers for convenience. Note that this bag style usually costs more than simpler alternatives. Pre-made Doypacks filled and sealed on automatic pouch packing machines offer a more visually appealing option.

d. Bag-in-Bag (BIB): Fractional packs of coffee can be packaged within a larger outer wrap, designed for foodservice or bulk sale purposes. Modern coffee packaging machines can form, fill, and seal the smaller frac packs, then package them into a larger bag on a single bag-in-bag machine.

e. Coffee capsule: Coffee capsules, also known as coffee pods, are single-serving containers filled with pre-measured amounts of ground coffee. They are designed for use in specific coffee machines, such as Nespresso or Keurig, which are equipped to brew coffee from these capsules. Coffee capsules offer convenience and ease of use. They provide a quick and consistent way to brew coffee, with minimal effort and mess. The capsules are typically made of plastic or aluminum and are sealed to preserve the freshness and flavor of the coffee.

f. carton: Coffee cartoning refers to the process of neatly packaging coffee bars, coffee sachets, and coffee capsules, which contain the required quantity of coffee for a single brew, into boxes according to specific quantity requirements. This method facilitates the storage and portability of coffee.

Coffee Freshness Factors

Consider the distribution of your product—whether it will be sent to stores, cafes, businesses, or shipped to end-users nationally or internationally. Regardless of the destination, maintaining coffee freshness is crucial. To achieve this, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) options can be employed.

The most prevalent MAP system utilizes One-Way Degassing Valves, allowing carbon dioxide naturally generated during the roasting process to escape while preventing coffee freshness deterrents such as oxygen, moisture, or light from entering the bag.

Other MAP options include nitrogen gas flushing, which displaces oxygen from the coffee bag before filling, and the use of high-barrier packaging materials. Depending on your requirements, you can choose to incorporate one or several MAP methods into your coffee bean packaging design. For most modern coffee packaging applications, it is recommended to utilize all of the above techniques.

Packaging Machine

As a professional packaging machine manufacturer, we understand the importance of finding the right packaging solutions for your coffee products. Based on our expertise, we recommend the following packaging machines specifically designed for coffee packaging:

Premade Bag Packaging Machine         Quad seal bag packaging machine
up to 80bags/min

bag width 80-400mm

Up to 60bags/min

Bag width 80-160mm

Premade Bag Packaging Machine Quad seal bag packaging machine
Vertical form fill seal machine        Coffee capsule filling sealing machine
Low price

Up to 80 bags/min

Up to 3600cups/min

Automatic cartoning machine

Up to 120 cartons/min

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