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Quad Seal Bag Packaging

Quad seal bag packaging: Quad seal bags are a commonly used and versatile packaging format, often seen in coffee, pet food, snacks, and candy industries. These bags are designed to stand alone and provide a crisp, modular look. With four panels for branding and information, they are highly regarded by marketing departments. Consumers appreciate quad seal bags for their ease of storage and convenience features.

There are two ways to obtain quad seal bags: purchasing premade bags or creating them in-house using a vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machine. Premade bags offer a premium look and are easy to process but can be costly for large-scale production. Creating quad bags on a VFFS machine reduces costs and can achieve higher speeds, but it requires skilled operators and has a higher risk of errors.

Quad seal bags consist of two vertical panels, two gussets, and four vertical seals, with a rectangular or square bottom that allows them to stand independently. These bags have several strengths:

Stand-alone capability: Unlike standard pillow bags, quad seal bags have a structured design that enables them to stand on shelves, providing a strong shelf presence.

Ideal for heavier fills: With their four vertical seals, quad seal bags offer reinforcement and strength, making them suitable for packaging bulk quantities of products.

Sustainability considerations: The accordion-like gussets of quad seal bags reduce the packaging-to-product ratio, making them a great option for those concerned with right-sizing packaging to reduce waste.

Ample space for branding: Both the vertical panels and side gussets of quad bags can be printed with messaging, information, and branding, making them an effective marketing piece.

Packaging Machine

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