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Fresh Fruit And Vegetables Packaging Machine

Fresh fruit and vegetables need to be carefully packaged to prevent damage and contamination. The operation of the horizontal from fill seal machine(HFFS) is simple and efficient, and it can accommodate different sizes and shapes of products. It provides an economical packaging solution while ensuring the freshness and hygiene of the products.

HFFS is designed to handle irregularly shaped and sized products. During the packaging process, the products run horizontally, eliminating the risk of product dropping or damage, unlike the vertical form fill seal (VFFS) packaging method.

With the ZOMUKIKAI HFFS , you can easily package fresh carrots, greens, lemons, and other products by placing them on the machine. The machine will automatically seal the packaging based on the length of the product.

As a professional packaging machine manufacturer, we understand the importance of finding the right packaging solutions for your fresh fruit and vegetable products. Based on our expertise, we recommend the following packaging machine:

Horizontal form fill seal machine

Block packaging

Up to 220 bag/min

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