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Tea Packaging

During tea packaging process, we recommend using opaque or light-blocking packaging materials to effectively prevent direct sunlight from reaching the tea leaves. This helps to avoid the decomposition of photosensitive substances in the tea leaves, preserving their color and flavor. Our packaging machine is compatible with various opaque materials to ensure that the tea leaves receive adequate light protection during packaging.

In addition, our packaging machine is equipped with the capability to inflate with inert gas or perform vacuum packaging. By inflating with inert gas, such as nitrogen, the oxygen within the tea packaging is effectively isolated, reducing oxidation of the tea leaves. Vacuum packaging further minimizes the contact between the tea leaves and air, preserving the freshness and flavor to the maximum extent.

Packaging Machine

As a professional packaging machine manufacturer, we understand the importance of finding the right packaging solutions for your tea products. Based on our expertise, we recommend the following packaging machines specifically designed for coffee packaging:

Premade Bag Packaging Machine       Quad seal bag packaging machine
up to 80bags/min

bag width 80-400mm

Up to 60bags/min

Bag width 80-160mm

Premade Bag Packaging Machine Quad seal bag packaging machine
Vertical form fill seal machine       Coffee capsule filling sealing machine
Low price

Up to 80 bags/min

Up to 3600cups/min

Automatic cartoning machine

Up to 120 cartons/min

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