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  • Q How to choose the most suitable packing machine?

    A We should confirm what products we will do packing.
    High cost performance is the first Principle.
    If you have plan to visit factory, try to pay more attention to whole machine, especially machine detail, machine quality always depends on detail, better do machine test with real sample products.
    About after-sales service, it should be good reputation with timely.
    Try to choose the machine with simple Operation and maintenance, accessories complete and full automatic dosing system with continuous, which can improve packing rate and decrease Labor cost for the long-term development of enterprises.
  • Q What information should be provided to factor when customer choose products type, solid products specific sizes?

    A Bag (bottle, carton) sizes and type with pictures
    Packing weight
    Packing speed, capacity
    Special requirements, such as filling Nitrogen, exhausting, date printing
    Power supply voltage, Frequency
    Factory workshop, Height limited.
    Powder —— caking condition, damp, solid mix
    Liquid —— liquid temperature, paste or liquid, liquid volume, if need filing by twice
  • Q If I am going to place the order, is it necessary for me to provide you with the pouch (bottle, carton) I want to use and the samples of product I want to pack?

    A Yes, we need to test our machine before we sell it, using the pouch (bottle, carton) and product provided by the customer. We will adjust the machine to match the size of pouch (bottle, carton), and tackle the issues occurred during the test as possible as we can.
  • Q Your machine can keep working 24 hours?

    A Keep working 24 hours is ok, but will decrease machine using life, we suggest 8 hours/day.
  • Q How to do maintenance?

    A Before machine running, should check Air Supply and Power Supply. Adding lubricant everyday..
    Cleaning vacuum filter everyday.
    Bag holding screw lock one time per week.
    Machine transmission part add grease lubrication per half month.
    We wrote Packaging Machine Maintenance Guide to let you better understand how to maintain our machines.
  • Q What is the advantage of premade pouch packing machine compare with vertical packing machine?

    A Bag given packing machine use for different pre-made bag/ready bag, especially made by professional bag forming machine, higher quality than vertical packing machine directly do bag forming.
    Bag given packing machine can pack stand up zipper bag, spout bag that vertical cant pack.
    Bag given packing machine equip high-quality premade bags with superior appearance, can be placed on the supermarket higher side, packing more excellent.
    In bag given packing machine packing process, no bag open, no filling and sealing, wrong bag open, increase the bag using rate. vertical packing machine will cause waste.
  • Q What is production process and delivery time condition of packing machine?

    A Delivery time: 25 – 60 days
    According to products confirm production lists, according to production lists choose machine type → drawing → spares parts → matching → machining → purchasing → assembling → testing → debugging → testing → machine product filling testing → cleaning → packaging → delivery
  • Q How can customers Track their machines?

    A From assembling to debugging to delivery, we will send related pictures and videos for customers’ track in regular (production track lists).
    Through salesman, customers and engineer do some developments of special requirements.
  • Q Your packing machine equip detailed Instruction manual?

    A Yes, equip with machine when delivery.

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