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Granule Packaging

The solid and granule market encompasses a wide range of products, we understand that each product may require special treatment and customization to ensure optimal packaging results. Our granule packaging machines are equipped with advanced technology and precise measuring systems to ensure accurate dosing and filling of granular products. Our packaging machines have successfully penetrated various industries, including food, medical, cosmetic,entertainment and agriculture, offering customers ideal packaging solutions.

Liquid Packaging

We understand that different liquids have varying characteristics and packaging requirements. That's why we offer a range of solutions to meet your specific needs. In addition to packaging normal neutral high fluidity liquids, we specialize in handling various types of liquids, including viscous liquids, highly corrosive liquids and liquids with small particles.

Powder Packaging

We are dedicated to providing high-quality and efficient powder packaging solutions. Whether you are packaging fine powders, coarse powders, or powders with unique flow characteristics, our machines are equipped to meet your needs.
Dust generation is a common concern during the packaging process. If dust control is a critical requirement, we can provide a dust cleaning system and equip the machine with a fully enclosed frame design to minimize dust emission.

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