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Technical Requirements Regarding Machine Carton Packaging

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Since the production requirements for manual carton packaging and cartoning machine are not the same, here are specific requirements and details regarding machine carton packaging:

Carton Type:

Carton packaging requires the use of a 4-corner pre-folded carton. A 4-corner pre-folded carton is a common carton structure formed by pre-folding the carton along 4 lines (front, back, left, and right).

Carton Quality Requirements:

The carton should be made of white cardboard with a weight requirement of 250-350 grams per square meter. White cardboard is a commonly used board material known for its strength and stability, making it suitable for various product packaging purposes.

Gap Between Material and Carton:

In carton packaging, it is necessary to maintain a gap between the material and the carton. The recommended gap is 3-5mm on each side. This gap allows for sufficient cushioning space during transportation and stacking, preventing collision and damage to the contents.

Leaflet Requirements:

The instruction manual for the carton packaging should be made of double-sided adhesive  with a weight of 70g. Double-sided adhesive  is a thinner type of  material commonly used for producing instruction manuals, labels, and other supplementary materials, providing necessary product information and usage guidelines.

Sealing Methods:

The carton can be sealed using hot melt glue, tuck-in flaps, or bottom locks. These sealing methods were previously explained in detail. You can choose the appropriate sealing method based on the product's characteristics and specific requirements.

The example diagram is a carton design blueprint from one of our case studies. The technical specifications are provided for reference.

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